Marketing Strategy

Answer These 7 Questions to Craft a Strong Marketing Plan

When a company is developing a marketing plan, it’s crucial for the marcom team to think through key considerations involving the business, brand, audience, budget, metrics, and more. Taking the time for thoughtful evaluation and analysis dramatically improves the marketing plan’s odds of success. Marketers should answer these seven questions as they are developing their marketing plans.

Strategic Design

10 Signs It’s Time for a Rebrand

Marketing teams don’t make the decision to rebrand easily. After all, it takes a lot of time, money, and effort to develop a brand and build brand awareness. But sometimes, rebranding is the best strategy. Here are 10 scenarios where a marketing team might want to consider a rebrand.

Social Media Strategy

8 Primary Considerations for Defining Social Media Goals

Setting social media goals and establishing a solid social media strategy can feel overwhelming. With dozens of platforms to consider, countless tactics to try, and various metrics to evaluate, marketing teams can struggle to find their footing on social media. By considering these eight critical factors, marketers can help define the right goals for their product, brand, or business.