Rooted in a profound belief in the transformative power of community service, we recognize that marketing expertise can be a force for societal good.

True community impact flourishes through collaborative efforts. That's why we're committed to amplifying our collective potential for good. We're driven by a fervent dedication to making a significant and positive difference, and we actively seek partnerships with like-minded organizations who share our vision for a better world. Together, we can unleash the full force of our collective passion and expertise to effect lasting change and create a brighter future for all.

Imaginari Voices
Jason Nikki Maria Josmar Katy Ashley Bernard Charlie Christina Connie Damian Dorothy Gaile George Jameson Jessica Juan Kim Logan Marisela Michael Natalia Patrick Pro Shanna Sung

Building Community, One Voice at a Time

Imaginari employees and volunteers are active in many local and national organizations. Their work and generosity inspire others and lift the hearts of those that they serve.

“When I realize the impact I have on families in need, I am more than happy to volunteer. Thank you, Imaginari.” – Jason

“Spending the day with friends, donating our time and efforts to such a great cause is amazing! Thank you so much for the opportunity! I felt so honored!” – Nikki

“I loved being able to participate as a volunteer at Imaginari in this beautiful teamwork. Donating my time made me feel useful, grateful, and very happy.” – Maria

"Helping out those with need fills my soul with lots of love and light. I feel very humbled to be part of this opportunity with Feed the Children.” – Josmar

“Volunteering made me feel so grateful for what I have and so Blessed to be able to contribute to help others.” – Katy

“Today I felt very grateful and thankful that I was able to help and make just even a tiny difference for someone. It felt amazing and I would do it again!” – Ashley

“Volunteering is both challenging and rewarding!” – Bernard

“Helping families in need is what it’s all about.” – Charlie

“There is nothing greater in life than spending time helping others.” – Christina

“I loved the enthusiasm around helping people and working together – and I loved how happy I felt!” – Connie

“Helping people makes me feel great inside.” – Damian

“I was excited to serve and to meet others with the same mindset and desire to help. We had fun while helping others.” – Dorothy

“What an experience! Today, my family joined other families from around the Valley and made a difference. We packed boxes – in a Chandler warehouse – on an assembly line – for Feed the Children, while the music played to keep us going. It was great! Thank you, Imaginari for making it happen. Volunteering feeds the heart, but today we all stepped up to Feed the Children." – Gaile Perry Dixon, Public Policy Chair, Arizona Assisted Living Homes Association

“It was fun getting to help, and just nice to be able to do something for others.” – George

"Helping people makes me feel great" – Jameson

“Imaginari is focused on doing good work for our marketing clients and doing good in our communities. The positive energy during our events is something I’ll hold with me always. I’m proud of our successes and look forward to expanding our community involvement." – Jessica Dixon, CEO, Imaginari

“Working as a volunteer was a great opportunity to make time for those who need it, and you can always count on my family to volunteer with great pleasure. I put myself at your service for Imaginari. God bless you for the work you do. Thank you.” – Juan

“Coming together as a team and as a community, we got to make a big impact! It was so much fun!” – Kim

“Making a difference makes me feel happy and joyful inside and outside.” – Logan

“I found that experience of contributing a little of my time to be very comforting." – Marisela

“Thank you. Thank Imaginari for that wonderful experience at the Feed the Children warehouse. I’ve never been on an assembly line before. What an experience! There was music, laughter, prayers, and plenty of boxes to fill. And we filled them all—all destined to help children in need. God bless you forever.” – Michael Dixon, Fox 10-TV

“Making a difference by helping others made me so happy.” – Natalia

“Helping people I don’t know and who are in need made me happy.” – Patrick

“I walked away feeling great that I had done something for a family in need.” – Pro

“Using my hands to help Bless the community brought sheer joy to my soul!” – Shanna

“It was fun and my heart was joyful thinking of those who would receive the boxes to see what we packed. Thank you, Imaginari!” – Sung

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